The long awaited books are here!!!

Published August 14, 2013 by Tcube

Hi peeps, long time. I want to seize this opportunity to introduce my books to you. I am grateful that I have been used of God to release these two books into the market.

The first book is “Behind the Scene” and the other one is “Etiquette Manual for Little Children”.

Etiquette Manual for Little Children is a colourful children’s book that teaches our kids good manners. It offers our little ones a good opportunity to think about and understand why they should accept and comply with timeless social/societal values while also ensuring they practice good handwriting. It is good for nursery and primary school children and even the pre-teen arm of the church.

Behind the Scene on the other hand is a relaxing novel that is written with our youth in mind. The novel is quite interesting and entertaining and it teaches Godly values and morals in a world that our values are gradually being eroded.  It contains thought provoking issues that can provide a good platform for discussion and education. It is a good book to buy for our secondary school children and the teenage/youth arm of any church.

Please feel free to contact me on (+234) 7036288244 0r (+234) 8088615010 to place your orders or to make enquires. I am also glad to inform you that there is opportunity for discount on bulk purchases.

If you have read “Behind the Scene” ponder on these questions and please drop a comment. Feel free to comment on other book too.

  • Do you think Madewa should have left the relationship?
  • How many places in the story can you identify God working behind the scene?
  • What do you think could have been done differently by the characters in the story?
  • How will you rate the story?

Thanks for you support always.


2 comments on “The long awaited books are here!!!

  • Awesome book! No matter along it take, you can always get wat u want as long as u are willing to wait on God. Kudos to Nike Adekunle

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